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Join us in revolutionising the nightclub experience and discover the rewards of a dynamic partnership with QID Advertising. We are turning wristbands into captivating advertising spaces for carefully selected brands that resonate with your patrons. Get in touch today to discover more.

Why Partner with Q-ID Advertising?

Additional Revenue, Zero Costs: Tyvek wristbands are a prime advertising channel that doesn’t cost your nightclub a thing – it’s advertising that pays you.

Seamless Integration: Make the most of entry wristbands – now, they don’t just control venue admission but also become a dynamic extension of your nightclub’s brand.

QR Code Magic: Open a gateway to advertiser webpages or promotions with QR codes that can easily be scanned by your customers.

Effortless Partnership: QID will handle all aspects of our partnership, from design and logistics to distribution, with no changes to your venue’s current admission processes.

How It Works:

Express Your Interest: If you want to turn your nightclub into an advertising powerhouse, all you have to do is reach out to us.

Design Collaboration: Work closely with our design experts to ensure the Tyvek wristbands align seamlessly with your brand identity.

Hassle-Free Distribution: Let us take care of the logistics – we’ll distribute branded wristbands directly to your venue.

Experience the Buzz: Watch as your nightclub becomes an advertising hotspot.


When you choose to advertise with QID Advertising, you’ll have access to local and regional advertising in nightclubs nationwide.

Our wristbands are distributed across our vast network of nightclubs and bars in London, the South East, and throughout the UK. Collaborating with both chains and prestigious independent venues, we only work with nightclubs with prime locations, popularity, and reputation, to guarantee your brand message reaches the right audience in the right place.

On any given night, our venues host a minimum of 500 people, with an average footfall of more than 1,000. You can also keep an eye on your campaign’s success, either by tracking your gains with Google Analytics or by reading our monthly statistical reports.

If you’re interested in reaching a wider audience, simply contact our dedicated team and we’ll make it happen.

Why Advertisers Love Q-ID?

Prime Location, Targeted Audiences: Our wristbands offer prime advertising for brands targeting the 18 – 35-year-old club-going demographic

Interactive Engagement with QR Codes: Easy to use, our QR codes lead to instant engagement, whether it’s a promotional offer, product showcase, or brand experience.

Innovation in Advertising: Take the first step into a new world of advertising and join us on our journey across the lucrative nightlife scene.

Ready to Partner with Us?

Whether you’re a nightclub or an advertiser, our advertising agency wants to hear from you.

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